Brandoville November Hiring

Brandoville November Hiring

Love Games and Animation Industry?

Are you hard-working and committed?

At Brandoville Studios, we deliver our best work in a supportive work environment.

If you seek a long term and challenging career, this is the best place for you! We are looking for new teammates to join us:

– Sr. Illustrator
– Sr. Concept Artist
– Sr. 2D Animator / Internship
– Sr. 3D Animator
– Sr. Rigger
– 3D Modeler
– 3D Character Modeler
– Level Artist
– IP Developer
– IP Publishers

Basic requirements for all full-time production roles are having at least 1-year experience on similar roles and fluency in English.

The internship position lasts minimum 6 months.

– Project Manager (Fluent in Mandarin)
– Project Coordinator (Fluent in English, Mandarin, Japanese, or other languages)
– Administrator
– Marketing Officer
– Graphic Designer
– Recruitment Officer
– Website Designer & Developer
– Network Engineer

Basic requirement for all full-time management roles is fluency in English. If you are fluent in other languages other than English, that is also a plus!

Prepare your best CV and Portfolio and send your application to [email protected]

For more information, email us at [email protected]

Stay safe and healthy!