Concept Artist

Concept Artist

Concept Artist/Illustrator Task

Senior Position


  • Help establish the art vision for characters, worlds, weapon, and props
  • Create concept art to be used as a guide for developing 3D game assets
  • Create thumbnails, mood explorations, and model sheets
  • Collaborate with other artist and designers to creatively solve problems
  • Guide and help other team members


  • Well experienced in illustration.
  • Artistic grasp of human anatomy, posing, and motion.
  • Minimum 3 years of working experience in a relevant industry.
  • Good concept art skills, and good understanding of human and creature anatomy, color theory, values, form, shape language, and silhouette
  • Superior eye for light, value, composition, color, staging, materials, architecture, and detail in environmental design
  • Mastery of digital content creation tools, like photoshop
  • Creative, Self-Motivated and Good communication skills
  • Ability to work as a team or individually
  • Ability to take feedback and make changes as required
  • Ability to work on different art style
  • Organized and efficient


  • A strong passion for developing and playing games
  • Experience in world building and composing scenes will be a plus
  • Familiar with hand painted stylize textures will be a plus
  • Strong foundation in traditional arts will be a plus