XDS21 Wrap Up

XDS21 Wrap Up

Looking back, we are glad that our CEO Mr. Ken had joined XDS from the very first year in 2013. Many happy memories we had, including our COO Mr. Herrick joining XDS in 2018!

Starting on this year, Brandoville Studios is pleased to have BD Team to join in the event. We would like to thank XDS for the wonderful opportunity, and we are glad that people like our video as well.

We also thank Brandoville Studios for giving the best for #BVTeam by arranging a hotel meeting room. With the timezone differences, this really made our meetings that much smoother!

We would also like to thank Sheraton for providing us the best of service and to bring encouragement to the team with the greeting package. We’ll keep it up!

Thank you for the behind the scenes team as well, our Operations, IT and Production team.

Hopefully we can gather in the XDS Vancouver soon!
Thank you!