Brandoville Throwback Thursday 2020

Brandoville Throwback Thursday 2020

It’s time for a #ThrowbackThursday!

As we start to wrap up 2020, Brandoville Studios officially announces that our CEO Ken Lai has left his position as Chief Production Officer and Co-Owner of Lemon Sky Studios in Malaysia after serving 8 years developing the team.

He has since departed the company to focus on his mission to nurture local talents and develop the games and animation industry in Indonesia with his local business partner through Brandoville Studios and Brandoville Academy.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we weren’t able to attend as many events as 2019 this year, so let’s take a look at our past events!

We are honored to be one of the panelists at Canadian Education International webinar, where we hope to be a bridge for Indonesians to study or work in Canada, as most of our mentors and top management are industry professionals in North America. Ken Lai has a high regard for the Canadian education quality and work ethic, and he brings them into his companies as a positive role model for our Indonesian students and employees.

And Ken Lai was awarded the Champion Award at the 25th Hong Kong – Singapore Business Association 新加坡香港商會 Gala Night.

Brandoville is honored and would like to thank China Film Animation, Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, Jakarta, Indonesia, Badan Ekonomi Kreatif, Toon Boom Animation, and Autodesk ASEAN for their visit; Asosiasi Game Indonesia, AINAKI_Indonesia, and all the clients that we have met at External Development Summit.

We are also blessed to be invited to be the speakers at the 4th ASEAN Young Entrepreneur Carnival Thailand 2019, COMPFEST, Game Prime Asia, Bengkel Animasi, and many other universities and events.

And that’s a wrap!